Feature Requests
Worldwide Remote that's not worldwide
Dec 1 2021·0
A lot of the job postings that say they are worldwide turn out in fact to not be. Would be helpful if ‘worldwide’ only meant jobs you can work from anywhere.
Post a Job Package
May 29 2021·0
A post a job package such as 3 or 5 job posting combined pricing in one package would be great for recruiters to post jobs on DailyRemote
Job Categories
Jan 12 2021·2
More categories such as “contract” or “permanent” as job types.
More data-entry jobs
Jan 6 2021·0
Looking for data entry jobs, and would definitely appreciate it if we had more jobs on dailyremote to apply to.
In Progress
Location Specific Filters
Jan 6 2021·2
DailyRemote only has location filters for Worldwide, US, and others. It would be great to have more location-specific filters such as Canada, Asia, etc to help searching remote jobs.